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By on February 9, 2013

triactolTriactol Breast Enlargement – Today, many women who are not happy with the size of their breasts are looking at methods ranging from surgery to all natural products to provide the enhancement they want.

While surgery promises permanent results, the complications and pain that accompanies the surgical procedure is something of great concern to many women.

Triactol is an all natural breast enhancement product that promises to create more youthful, supple breasts without the complications of surgery. While Triactol does not promise to greatly enhance the breasts, it does promise to make them more youthful in appearance.

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How Does Triactol Work?

Triactol Bust Serum is a topical compound of natural ingredients that is applied directly to the breasts to create a more youthful look. Applying the product is relatively simple:

  • Pump two to three drops of Triactol into the hand;
  • Gently massage the Triactol into the breast using a circular motion;
  • Use Twice per day, usually after a shower or bath.

It is stated by the manufacturer that Triactol takes up to 8 weeks to be fully effective.


There are basically two ingredients found in Triactol. MiroFirm, an ingredient derived from plants to help create firmer and suppler breasts. The MiroFirm contains miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, isofavonoids and coumesan to aid in the improvement and appearance of the breast and the skin that surrounds them. MiroFirm is an extract of the Pueraria mirifica, a plant that is native to the forests of the Chiang Mai in Thailand.

The MiroFirm contains phytoestrogens which creates an estrogen response in the breast tissues, causing them to help revert back to their more youthful form. Vitamin E is another part of the Triactol Bust Serum that helps make the skin appear smoother and suppler.


Triactol Serum uses safe, all natural ingredients and will work for most women with no side effects. However, there are a few groups of women who are recommended by the manufacturer to see a doctor first before using Triactol.

  • Pregnant or Nursing Mothers;
  • Under the Age of 21;
  • Women with Estrogen Sensitive gynecological tumors & cysts.

The manufacturer also recommends that women who are using birth control pills do not take Triactol. While there are no known side effects to birth control pills, the research has not been sufficient to disclose all the possible complications as of this time.

Plus, the effects of Triactol may not be fully realized if the body does not get adequate nutrition. The manufacturer states that women who do not get their full nutrition may not get the complete effects of the Triactol Burst Serum.

Also, because each individual is different, women may have to use the product for longer than 8 weeks to see the full results. This means for women who do not see any results in this time period that they check their diet to see if they are getting all the nutrition they need.

Triactol Benefits

As a topical cream, Triactol delivers its ingredients directly to the breast tissues through the skin. This means that unlike other breast enhancement products that are in pill form, Triactol actually works directly on the breast area itself.

Furthermore, the product itself does not promise to make larger breasts, but simply to create a much more youthful appearance which can take years off a woman’s looks.

The ingredients themselves are very straightforward and work to create more youthful looking breasts by causing the estrogen levels to rise in the tissues. This reaction helps revert the breasts to their condition before age and gravity set in.

Final Analysis

Triactol Learn MoreDoes Triactol Really Work?

For such a simple product, it is surprising just how well it works. While some women may not see results for weeks, for most the results will be fairly quick to notice. What is especially true is that the effectiveness of this product is enhanced by the topical nature. By applying it to the skin on the breast tissues, the enhanced look is augmented in both the tissues themselves and the skin.

We can highly recommended Triactol because it delivers on what it promises in a safe, healthy manner that works for most women. It does not promise to add larger size or dimensions to the breasts, but instead to naturally enhance what is there by generating a more youthful appearance that can take years away from the looks.

For many women who want to have a more youthful look to their breasts without the complications of surgery, Triactol Bust Serum is the one product that women can count on to help restore a more youthful, supple look.

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