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By on January 25, 2013

Silver Detox Foot PatchesSilver Detox Foot Patches – For those who are looking at detoxifying the body without having to consume products that may have them running to the bathroom more often than they want, there is a line of foot patches that provides excellent detoxification without having to consume a particular product.

The Silver Detox Foot Patches promise to detoxify the body overnight using foot patches that contain all natural products.

The Silver Detox Foot Patches are placed on the soles of your feet at night as you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, discard the old detox foot patches and repeat the process each night for five days. This process has been used in Asian countries for many centuries to help purify the body and now it is available for Western countries as well.

Do Silver Detox Foot Patches work?

We will find out the answer as we examine this unusual product that works from the outside of the body.


There are several all-natural ingredients used in SilverDetox Foot Patches which include the following:

  • Wood Vinegar;
  • Agaricus Mushroom;
  • Tourmaline;
  • Beta Glucan;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Bamboo & Oak Tree sap.

The Wood Vinegar is created from a tree sap that is native to Japan. There is nothing added in this process as the vinegar is pure and undiluted. The purpose is to provide a detoxification compound that seeps into the skin at night and helps pull away the toxins from the body. The Eucalyptus, Bamboo & Oak Tree sap sterilizes the toxins as they pull them from the body.

Tourmaline is a natural mineral found in Brazil, the effect it has on the body is to improve circulation, increase mental alertness and help bolster the body’s immune system. The effect it has in the foot patches is based on traditional foot reflexology massage.

The Agaricus Mushroom is also from Brazil and it also helps bolster the immune system to provide additional boost to the body. Beta Glucan is a natural compound that is design to trigger a reaction by the body’s immune system to fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. By doing so it helps to purge the body of toxins.


Using the SilverDetox is simple and very straightforward.

  • Clean Your Feet: Be sure both feet are clean before applying the patches.
  • Place Patches on Bottom of the Feet: Each detox foot patch has an adhesive strip that will stick to the feet and hold the ingredients against the skin. In this manner, you will not be awakened by rolling or turning on the patches since they are on the bottom of the feet.
  • Use Single Patch on Each Foot for 5 Nights: In this manner, you will get the full detoxification effect.
  • As an option, wear your socks: By wearing socks at night, you will help insure that the Silver Detox foot patches stay on the feet.
  • In the morning, discard the patches and wash your feet again.

By following this process, the desired effect is that you remove all the toxins from the body naturally and with little effort as they are drawn through the skin.


There are no side effects aside from those whose skin might develop an allergic reaction from the adhesive used to keep the detox patches placed firmly on the soles of the feet. However, as with any product there are certain groups of people who should clear it first with their physicians.

  • Pregnant or Nursing Mothers;
  • Under the Age of 18;
  • Pre-existing Health condition;
  • Taking prescription or over the counter medications.

For those that fall within these groups, taking the appropriate step of consulting with their physician can help avoid an unforeseen reaction.

Silver Detox Foot Patches Benefits

Do Detox Foot patches work and are there any detox patches side effects? Detoxifying the body through this process will help you sleep better and prepare the body for eating a healthy diet. The removal of toxins in this manner is safe, effective and convenient for those who otherwise must consume products to achieve the same effect.

Final Analysis

While Silver Detox Foot Patches may seem strange to those who have never heard of such a product before, it really does work to pull the toxins from the body overnight and it’s definitely the best foot detox patch. You can even see the results of the Silver Detox Foot Patches the next day as they grow lighter with each use.

We can fully recommend the Silver Detox Foot Patches as a safe, effective and convenient means of removing toxins from the body and creating an overall better feeling in each person who uses them.

Where to Buy Silver Detox Foot Patches?

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