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Retin-A Cream Product ImageFor teens and adults who have acne problems, standard soaps and cleaning solutions may not work very effectively. One of the more popular prescribed products in the treatment of acne is Retin-A.

What is Retin-A

Retin-A helps reduce the formation of pimples and promotes the quick healing of pimples that are already on the skin. Furthermore, Retin-A attacks blackheads and papules which are also skin conditions as well. Retin-A is one of the most popular acne treatments on the market today.

Generic Retin-A also marketed as: Alitretinoin, Panretin, Renova, Retino-A, Tretinoin, Vesanoid. Retin-A® is manufactured by OrthoNeutrogena.

Does Retin-A live up to the hype as being one of the best skin treatments you can find? Let’s take a look at this product and see if it lives up to the hype.


Generic Retin A contains Tretinoin which is essentially Vitamin A to help attack and reduce the effect of pimples on the skin. Tretinoin is a very popular skin treatment ingredient used in a number of products.


Use Retin-A as prescribed by your physician. Be sure to wash your hands and clean the area that you plan on using this product. Also, be sure that area of the skin is dry as wet skin may be irritated by Retin-A.

After using, do not treat or wash the skin for at least an hour. Also, avoid using any other topical products on the skin after using the medication. Do not apply Retin-A to the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, the entranceway to the nose, mucous membranes, open sores or on irritated skin as this may cause an adverse effect.

Using too much Retin-A can cause an effect known as “pilling” which means that less must be used for the next application otherwise it risks irritating the skin. While it will not reduce the effectiveness of Retin-A, it can have a detrimental effect if continually overused.

It is important to stay out of the sun while using this product and include effective sunscreens to limit the potential damage from the rays of the sun.

Also, it may take weeks or even a few months before improvement is noticeable. Plus, when first used the appearance of the acne may look worse before it gets better.


For most healthy teens and adults, Retin-A will provide few, if any noticeable side effects. However, there are some precautions that must be observed while taking this product.

Do not apply Retin-A cream on skin that is sunburned, wind burned, dry, chapped or otherwise irritated. Do not use Retin-A on open sores, wounds or on eczema. Pregnant or nursing mothers should consult with their physicians before using Retin-A on their skin. If you are planning to become pregnant, consult with your physician first if using this product.

It is fairly common that a slight skin rash will appear with the use of Retin-A, this is a rather common if small side effect of the product. The rash will subside fairly quickly once the product is used on a more regular basis and the skin becomes accustomed. You can also use cosmetics as well, but be sure the skin is fully cleaned and dry before applying Retin-A.

If you should suffer an allergic reaction to Retin-A which is characterized by shortness of breath, closing of the throat, swelling of the face, lips or tongue and the breakout of hives, stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention.

Side effects of Retin-A includes the following: warmth or burning, stinging or tingling, itching or redness, swelling, dryness or peeling, general irritation.

If these side effects persist, call your doctor who may lower the dosage amounts. If you should notice any other unusual effects, be sure to contact your physician.

It is advisable to start your treatment of Retin-A on a small patch of skin and judge the reaction. Use sun block to help avoid irritation from the rays of the sun. Retin-A may also be sensitive to wind or cold as well so try to protect the skin from these properties if possible.

Using too much Retin-A can cause headaches, facial flushing, celosias, abdominal pain, dizziness and ataxia, so only use as recommended.

Retin-A Benefits

Benefits of Retin A? The effectiveness of Tretinoin is well known and it works effectively in clearing up skin from pimples, papules and blackheads. Furthermore, continued treatment can prevent the formation of these issues which results in having cleaner, clearer skin.

Final Analysis

Retin-A really works, this is a great product for those who suffer from acne issues that over the counter medications cannot treat. We can highly recommend this product for teens and adults who have been having trouble with their skin. Retin-A truly works wonders.

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