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Renova Cream Product ImageFor many teens and adults, the constant plague of acne can have more than just an effect on the skin. It can carry with it psychological ramifications as well. For those looking at effective treatment of acne, one of the most popular products on the market today is Renova.

What is Renova?

Renova is a topical medication that is used to reduce the formation of pimples and promotes the rapid healing of pimples that do develop. Renova is used to treat cases of blackheads, papules and pimples.

Renova is also marketed as: Alitretinoin, Panretin, Retin A, Retino-A, Tretinoin, Vesanoid. Renova® is manufactured by Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Generic Renova comes in a 20g tube of either 0.025% or 0.05% strengths.


The single active ingredient in Renova is a product known as Tretinoin which is the active form of Vitamin A. The effect is to reduce the formation of pimple that develop along with clearing the skin of blackheads and papules which can lead to pimple growth.


Use Renova as directed by your physician. You will want to thoroughly wash and clean your hands first so that no dirt or debris can be mixed in with applying the product. Use Renova once per day shortly before you go to bed. Make sure that the area of the skin is clean and dry before applying Renova for best effect.

Wet skin can become irritated by Renova and do not wash the treated area for at least one after applying the product. Also, do not use any other topical medications to that particular area of skin for at least one hour after the application of Renova.

Avoid the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, entrances to the nose, mucus membranes, open sores or irritated skin when using Renova. If you happen to get Renova into those places, rinse it off immediately with water.

Do not overuse Renova as the excess will not have any appreciable effect on the treatment of the skin. Plus it may result in lessening the effect and having to reduce treatment for a certain period of time to let the excess fade away from the skin.

Also, avoid direct sunlight if possible by using protective clothing or sunscreens to lessen the harmful effects of the sun. It may be possible that the initial treatment of Renova causes a slight worsening of the acne before it improves.


Renova is generally safe to use on skin with few side effects experienced by most people who use this product. However, Renova is not recommended to be used on skin that is sunburned, wind burned, dry, chapped or irritated. Until the skin heals, Renova is not recommended for use. Furthermore, pregnant or nursing mothers should consult with their physicians before using Renova.

Wait until all skin rashes have cleared, especially if you have used other skin treatment products before using Renova. Other topical skin products, even cosmetic ones may have an adverse effect on Renova. Be sure to consult with your physician before using any other skin product to insure that it does not interfere with the effectiveness or cause an adverse reaction with Renova.

Serious side effects while using this cream only affect a very small percentage of people who use this product. However, if you should experience an allergic reaction, stop using this product and seek immediate medical attention:

  • Hives or Shortness of Breath;
  • Swelling of the lips, face or tongue;
  • Closing of the throat.

Minor side effects include the following: burning, warmth, tingling, itching, redness, swelling, dryness, peeling, irritation, and change in skin color.

If these side effects persist or become more serious, see your doctor. It is recommended that you start your treatment with Renova on a small part of the skin first to judge the reaction.

Renova Benefits

There is little question that this product is a highly effective skin treatment product that attacks the formation of pimples to prevent them from appearing on the skin. The use of Vitamin A is both simple and quite clever in the execution of this product.

Renova is generally safe to use as directed and despite the listed number of side effects, most people will not experience either any side effects or very mild forms that clear away quickly.

Final Analysis

Renova works very well in clearing up pimples and preventing the formation of new pimples. While this medication may have some drying effect on the skin, for the most part it works remarkably well. We can highly recommend Renova as a topical skin cream that helps break up the formation of pimples and keeps the skin clean and clear so new pimples, papules and blackheads do not appear.

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