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By on February 4, 2013

ProcellixProcellix Cellulite Reduction Cream - Cellulite has proven to be the bane of millions of women around the world. The fat cells that form the cellulite warp the skin of the thighs, buttocks as waistline to form ugly bumps and divots that can be difficult to remove.

For many years, women have tried a wide variety of products, diets and exercises to burn away the stubborn cellulite to little avail.

Procellix Cellulite Reduction promises to burn away the fat cells of the cellulite which will then remove the bumps and divots in the skin. Click here to see how can this product help you!

What is Procellix Cellulite Removal?

Essentially, Procellix is a topical cream that uses all natural ingredients that penetrate the skin and attack the underlying causes of cellulite build-up. This product promises to dissolve the body fat on contact, meaning that once it sinks under the skin it will directly affect the fat cells that cause the underlying distortion of the skin.

Furthermore, Procellix will remove up to 2 inches of body fat with continual use and is safe to use each and everyday. However, does Procellix really do what is promised? We will examine the ingredients and see how it works to fully understand if Procellix is the right product for you.

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Procellix Ingredients

The Procellix topical gel has several ingredients, but the two most important are the Aminophylline cream and Caffeine. Aminophylline cream is a compound that is used in inhalable Asthma drugs that can actually convert fat into heat energy.

Caffeine is a well known body metabolism booster when taken internally. As used in this product, the caffeine breaks down the stubborn fat tissues to help make the skin smoother and less lumpy in appearance.

Plus, the caffeine dehydrates the area where the cellulite resides which actually tightens up the surrounding skin and makes it firmer, removing even more wrinkles, bumps and divots.

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How Does Procellix Work?

Procellix is applied to the areas of the skin where cellulite resides underneath. One to two applications per day, one in the morning and one at night, is usually sufficient for most people suffering from cellulite buildup.

According to the manufacturer, Dermal Meds Procellix non-surgical cellulite reduction uses a patented delivery system which essentially means it has active ingredients which penetrate the skin and go directly to the cellulite. By going well under the skin, Procellix can then use the active ingredients to reduce the fat cells and remove the surrounding water in the tissues.

The overall effect is that this product breaks down the fat deposits and actually encourages the growth of collagen which is the substance that provides for a smoother, younger looking skin. This tightening effect is perhaps the most pronounced visual result of using Procellix.

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Procellix has proven to be safe with no substantial side effects when used as directed. The topical gel is easy to apply and can be done so repeatedly. However, a very few users have reported an allergic reaction to the gel itself, most noticeably a few signs of acne, but these occurrences have been rare and represent the standard small number of allergic reactions which are common for most gel or cream products.


The anecdotal evidence from the thousands of women who have used this product have mostly repeated the same story, that Procellix actually produces smoother, less bumpy skin when applied as directed. It seems quite remarkable at first that two rather innocuous ingredients combined in a topical gel would produce such dramatic results, but the truth is that Procellix does work.

Furthermore, the tightening effect actually creates a more pleasing appearance for the many women who have used this product successfully. The combination of fat reduction and skin tightening was noticeably substantial and allowed for many women to feel more comfortable on the beach or other places where they could show off their legs. Buy Today and Start Seeing Results!

Final Analysis

Procellix certainly does everything that is promised using all natural ingredients. For millions of women who have tired of trying an endless parade of different products, Procellix offers an actual solution. While the effects of Procellix can be sustained by continual use, the dramatic difference it makes in the appearance of skin affected by cellulite is certainly noteworthy.

For women who have noticeable cellulite issues that dieting, exercise and other products have not taken away, Procellix offers an all natural, safe to use alternative that smoothes out the skin, addresses the fat and actually removes the buildup of water to tighten the legs, creating a natural, healthy appearance.

We highly recommend Procellix and feel it will work for most women looking to significantly reduce the effects of cellulite.

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