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By on February 11, 2013

performer5Performer5 – Boost Your Potency & Fertility - For many men the enjoyment of sex is not quite what it used to be or it does not fulfill its promise.

Needless to say, there are a plethora of products on the market that promise to enhance male performance, create longer, stronger orgasms and increase sexual desire and intensity.

Performer5 Product ImagePerformer5 is a product that makes all of those claims and more. This very popular product makes the following promises:

  • Ejaculate up to 5 times more than before;
  • Ejaculate further with increased power;
  • Enjoy longer, stronger orgasms;
  • Rock hard erections.

Performer5 does make a lot of promises, but do the results match?

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What is true about Performer5 is that it does contain a number of ingredients that help boost sexual function. We will look at what makes Performer5 effective and whether it can truly deliver on its promises.

Performer5 Ingredients

Performer 5 Ingredients. The Performer5 uses all-natural ingredients to help boost male performance. Of the 12 ingredients found in the product, the ones listed here are the most prominent:

  • Zinc;
  • L-Arginine;
  • DL-Malic Acid;
  • L-Glycine;
  • Beta Glucans 20%;
  • Creatine Monohydrate.

Of the ingredients included, Zinc has been linked to helping male performance during sex by raising the levels of testosterone and improved the production of sperm. A recent USDA studied cited by the makers of Performer5 indicated that the more Zinc, the greater the results. Performer5 has plenty of Zinc as well as other all natural ingredients to boost male performance.

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It is recommended that you take at least one tablet of Performer5 each day. The ingredients will take hold in your body over time. Do not take more than directed in a 24 hour period.


Performer 5 Side Effects. Performer5 is all natural and safe to take as directed by healthy men. However, there are certain groups of men who should consult with their physician before taking this product.

  • Under the Age of 18;
  • Pre-Existing Medical or Health Condition;
  • Taking Prescription or Over the Counter Medication.

In particular, men who are taking anti-depressants should consult with their physicians before taking this product.

Performer5 Benefits

Included in Performer5 are instructions for free penis exercises to get even more out of your sexual encounters. These free penis exercises are doctor approved and have been show to provide even thicker, bigger erections that last longer. By regularly following the penis exercises, you can improve the size and strength of your erection over time.

Furthermore, the effects of the Performer5 can be enhanced even more by following a nutritious diet that burns away the excess fat and creates stronger blood flow to the penis. Following a good health plan can result in having a stronger enjoyment of sex with your partner.

Plus, the effects of the Performer5 help enhance your entire body as well as your sexual function. The greater enjoyment in the bedroom leads to greater enjoyment of everyday life as well. The ingredients in Performer5 are healthy for the body and deliver a powerful result that helps create a better sense of you.

Also, the enhanced performance delivered by Performer5 helps overcome many psychological issues that men face in the bedroom. The feelings of inadequacy, under performing and disappointing their partners will distract from the enjoyment of sex. Performer5 overcomes these issues by providing more energy and enjoyment.

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Final Analysis

Performer 5 Reviews. There is little doubt that Performer5 is one of the most potent all natural male performance products on the market today. Combining several different ingredients into a single, powerful pill, the Performer5 has received plenty of deserved notice for its effects.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Performer5 will happen from the partner who is now enjoy the enhanced performance. The coupling of this product with the satisfaction given to the partner intensifies the sexual experience even further, creating a closer, more intimate bond that allows for even greater sexual heights to be achieved.

As good as Performer5 is, it does need an overall nutrition and exercise plan of the male to get the full effect. While on its own Performer5 is certainly powerful and will do as promised, the sexual experience is not just of the penis, but the entire body itself. The better condition and more efficient the body, the greater the sexual enhancement delivered by the Performer5.

Performer5 Order

Backed by a 180 day money back guarantee, Performer5 delivers on the promises of generating greater orgasm, heightened intensity and longer lasting sex. Without a doubt, Performer5 is one of the most impressive products that we have seen in quite a while.

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