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By on January 27, 2013

NRGFUEL – Chitosan CapsulesFor those who are seeking effective weight loss products that do not boost the metabolism, possible because of the sensitivity to caffeine or other natural products, then there is a potential solution in NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules.

Instead of boosting the metabolism, the Chitosan capsules instead binds with the fats and cholesterol in foods in the stomach before they can be digested and stored as fat. So instead of burning the fat off the body, it prevents it from being formed in the first place.

This is the promise of NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules. Does this product live up to the hype? Let us take a closer look to find out.


Essentially, there is only one active ingredient in NRGFUEL and that is Chitosan. This ingredient is a unique fiber that has the ability to bond to fats that are being consumed in the stomach and prevent them from being digested.

Here are the other ingredients found in this product, they are not active and only designed to hold the Chitosan together in capsule form:

  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate;
  • Gelatine;
  • Magnesium Stearate;
  • Silica.

How does the NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules Works?

Chitosan is a natural, indigestible fiber that attrats fats and cholesterol while in the stomach. So effective is chitosan that it can trap up to ten times its own mass of fats and oils. So instead of these fats and oils being digested and absorbed into the body, the chitosan traps them inside the fiber itself.

Once trapped, the fats turn into a gel-like substance which becomes so large that when it reaches the intestinal tract that it cannot be absorbed. Instead, it passes through the body trapped in the fiber.



Take one capsule Chitosan 500 mg with each meal. Do not take more than three capsules each day – 1000 mg of Chitosan is a recommended dose. It is recommended that you wash the capsule down with a large glass of water.


NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules are safe and carry no side effects. However, as with consuming any Chitosan Products, even one that is all-natural and inert like Chitosan capsules, there are certain groups of people that will want to clear it with their physician first.

  • Pregnant and Nursing Mothers;
  • Under the Age of 18;
  • Pre-Existing Health Condition;
  • Taking Prescription or Over the Counter Medications.

While the chances for having an adverse reaction are very slim, the possibility is still such that clearing this product with your doctor first is recommended. Take this as a Chitosan warning.

Plus, it is also recommended that you drink plenty of water while taking this product and that if you have digestive issues, you may want to start with only a single capsule on the first day to minimize any adverse reaction that your digestive system might undergo.

NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules Benefits

NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules only perform a single function and it is a passive one. Absorbing the fat and cholesterol in the food you consume before it gets digested so that it can pass through the body.

While it may not have a very noticeable effect if you continue to consume a high fat, high cholesterol diet, it will have a considerable effect if you choose to eat a low fat diet, particular one that features good cholesterol and no saturated or trans fats.

Furthermore, since the effect is passive there is little chance of having any adverse reaction. In fact, the product itself is inert so that there are no active ingredients in the sense that they affect the metabolism, blood chemistry or any other aspect of the body outside the digestive tract.

Because of this, they should be safe to take with most medications, although as indicated before you should check with your physician first.


Final Analysis

For those looking at alternative ways of losing weight, this is the product for you. While the effect is passive and does not burn the fat from the body, it can prevent some of the fat you eat from being absorbed. This means if you are pursuing a low fat diet, it can be very beneficial as it will absorb what little fat you do consume.

This is important because too often people change their diet regimen and find themselves eating foods that are not appealing which can result in going back to their old food habits. By absorbing some of the fat, this means that dieters can include a little more fat in their meals for taste, allowing them to more gradually make the changes to a healthier diet.

We highly recommend NRGFUEL – Chitosan Capsules for those looking to cut the fat while not abandoning all of their favorite foods.

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