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By on December 29, 2012

Mint Cosmetics offers a one-stop solution for teeth whitening that has been used and endorsed by celebrities across the board. Unlike any other product on the market, Mint Cosmetics offers a complete teeth whitening solution at an affordable price.

Doctors often recommend products which can span into the thousands, but Mint Cosmetics is available for a mere £99, which will give you almost 3-months worth of controlled and effective tooth whitening.

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While Mint Cosmetics is available over the counter in retail stores and pharmacies, Mint Cosmetics can be purchased online for a bigger discount. The fact that this premium home teeth whitening kit can be purchased in pharmacies only is to show how effective the treatment is.

The UK government only endorses and allows products onto the market which have been scientifically and clinically proven to boast fantastic results. Mint Cosmetics has been proven to work by both.

Extensive Research and Tests – Clinical Studies

A clinical study into this premium home teeth whitening kit took 15 participants and had them apply the teeth-whitening solution over a period of six weeks. They took before pictures so they could monitor the results. The patients took a course of Mint Cosmetics in the morning, and also a course before bed at night.

With this teeth whitening kit, it’s recommended to use a small amount of paste, as more paste does not equal better results, which is rather remarkable. By the end of the clinical trial, all of the 15 patients had remarkable improvements to their teeth, specifically at the front.

Stains caused by tobacco and coffee were no longer visible, and the teeth boasted an all-round white sparkle to them. Each of the 15 patients endorsed the product and recommended it to friends and family.

Apart from the clinical trial, Mint Cosmetics has been endorsed by popular celebrities who have publicly admitted that they use the treatment to whiten their teeth on a regular basis. In fact, a few celebrities have even appeared in television commercials, where they endorse and promote the Mint Cosmetics treatment.

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Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Kit – Quality that works

Teeth Whitening Kits Reviews. Mint Cosmetics have received praise and attention for their manufactured and home-built cosmetic trays. In fact, Mint Cosmetics state that their customized molds are the best on the market, and also the most affordable.

The trays made by Mint Cosmetics are the same high-quality that dentists use, but are available for a much cheaper price because Mint Cosmetics make them themselves. With the Mint Cosmetics treatment, you will get three trays as part of the kit, so there’s room for error or for sharing with a family member or friend.

The whitening solution used within Mint Cosmetics contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, but this home teeth whitening kit claims that  its teeth whitening product is 400% faster and 300% stronger than rival whitening kits on the market. They guarantee these figures through their money-back guarantee.

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Mint Cosmetics Before and after pictures – It really works!

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Teeth whitening results

Teeth Whitening Procedures. With Mint Cosmetics, teeth whitening results can be seen in as little as one application. With one application, teeth will begin to look lighter as they start to form a sparkling white glow. Within the kit, there are four syringes in total which will help you to get a maximum of 50 applications out of it. As explained earlier, less is more with Mint Cosmetics, so getting 50 applications out of Mint Cosmetics isn’t difficult. Buy today and start seeing results!

Reviewers of the Mint Cosmetics product (one of the best teeth whitening products) claim that it’s completely effective in whitening teeth. It’s hard to find negative reviews for Mint Cosmetics anywhere on the internet. They back Mint Cosmetics with a 14-day no quibbles money-back guarantee, and they also offer guaranteed results.

The Mint Cosmetics treatment takes 30-minutes. With some Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening products, an additional whitening pen is included free of charge, which can be used on the spots which are difficult to remove, such as those caused by tea, red wine, coffee and tobacco.

To date, Mint Cosmetics is the most effective teeth-whitening solution on the market. The official website is available in English and French and offers great discounts for new and existing customers.

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