Mangosteen Superfood Fruit 500mg

By on December 30, 2012

Mangosteen Product ImageMangosteen Superfood Fruit 500mg – Derived from a fruit that is found in Southeast Asia, most notably in Malaysia and Singapore, Mangosteen is known colloquially as the “King of Fruits” because of the numerous positive qualities.

It is certainly part of the revolution when it comes to fruits that provide antioxidants that improve the body and mind.

What makes Mangosteen different from other fruit-based products?

The first indication lies in the promises that this product makes to the public.

  • Providing numerous antioxidants;
  • Treating the symptoms of arthritis, acid dyspepsia, fibromyalgia, moderate asthma, otitis externa and eczema;
  • May help improve the symptoms of acne and might prevent the onset of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

Mangosteen Superfood Fruit 500mg Ingredients

There is essentially one ingredient, pure Mangosteen 500mg. Along with the number of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants found in this product are also some non-active ingredients that include the following:

  • Magnesium Stearate;
  • Silicon Dioxide.

The capsule shell itself is vegetarian friendly, unlike many other capsule shells from other similar products.


Take two to four capsules per day with a glass of water.

Mangosteen is safe for healthy adults to take as directed. If for any reasons you should suffer any adverse effects, discontinue use and check with your doctor.


There are no Mangosteen Side Effects associated with this product.

However, as with any dietary supplement, pregnant and nursing mothers should be cleared by their doctor first before taking this product.

Furthermore, anyone taking prescription or over the counter medications should also check with their doctor.

Mangosteen Superfood Fruit 500mg Benefits

Mangosteen Benefits for Health. The supply of antioxidants to the body is a powerful reason to take Mangosteen. Antioxidants provide a number of great benefits to the body starting with slowing down the aging process.

While Mangosteen cannot turn back time, the antioxidants inside help suppress the free radicals in the body which causes the premature aging of the skin, hair and nails. By taking this product, you will notice harder nails, softer skin and more healthy looking hair.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in Mangosteen Fruit along with drinking plenty of water will help detoxify the body, removing the waste elements and toxins which help prepare your body to lose weight when going into a new diet. In fact, taking this product is an excellent way to add to your dietary needs as you lose weight.

Mangosteen Benefits. Furthermore, the positive effects it has for those suffering from arthritis are well founded also. While it cannot prevent or turn back the effects of this disease, it can help relieve some of the pain and pressure thanks to the anti-inflammatory ingredients found within this product.

Also, we have noticed that for some of those afflicted with acne, this product has had a beneficial effect. As you might know, acne is caused in large part by the changes the body goes through during puberty on the inside. Mangosteen helps to suppress some of the elements which cause mild forms of acne to persist.

Final Analysis

Mangosteen certainly lives up to the promises it makes and then some. The overall effect it has on the body is quite remarkable, making this one of the best dietary supplements we have seen in quite some time.

The effects of the antioxidants cannot be overstated in terms of how effective it is in preparing the body for a healthy diet which can lose the excess weight. While it cannot burn the fat itself, the detoxifying process helps remove the elements which keep the fat in place.


We were really impressed with the anti-inflammatory effects that this product has, particularly for those who suffer from arthritis. Quite often arthritis sufferers do not go out and get the exercise they need because the risk of inflammation and the pain it brings. This product however works actively to reduce inflammation which is not just important physically, but psychologically as well to get normally inactive people to start moving again so they can tone and shape their bodies.

As for reducing acne, we can say that for adults who still suffer the occasional pimple, they will see more noticeable results in having fewer outbreaks. However, as the manufacturer has insisted, this product can do little against those with serious acne issues.

Overall, we highly recommend Mangosteen as one of the best all-natural products that provides plenty of much needed antioxidants to help curb the premature aging process and detoxify the body. Especially for those who suffer from arthritis, Mangosteen Superfood Fruit 500mg can be a wonderful aid to get you back on your feet and exercising which can benefit both your health and your outlook.

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