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By on January 27, 2013

Mangodrin SFMangodrin SF - The African Mango has been part of the diet of millions of people for many centuries. Recently it was discovered that the seeds of this fruit provide a number of healthy benefits.

From this research was born Mangodrin SF, a potent weight loss product with a number of qualities that has attracted millions of people to purchase this product.

Mangodrin SF promises to:

  • Burn Excess Fat from the Body;
  • Suppress the Appetite;
  • Slow the Pre-mature Aging Process.

Basically, Mangodrin SF will boost your metabolism so you burn more fat. Furthermore, this product is designed to reduce the amount of glucose in your body which is used to covert starches and carbs into fats.

Plus, there are natural appetite suppression effects that help curb overeating and finally antioxidants that suppress the free radicals in the body from prematurely aging your skin, hair and nails.

Those are very big promises from what seems to be a rather innocuous fruit, but Mangodrin SF makes those promises and we will see if this product actually lives up to the billing.


The centerpiece of Mangodrin Diet Supplement is the seed found within the African Mango known as Irvingia Gabonensis and has been touted for years as a fat burning substance. The rest of the ingredients found in MangodrinSF are as follows:

  • Cissus quadrangularis;
  • Green Tea extract;
  • Resveratrol;
  • PEA;
  • Prydoxine HCL;
  • Folic Acid;
  • Cyanocobalamine;
  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Cellulose SC-90;
  • Irvingia Gabonensis.


Take one capsule three times per day during mealtime with a large glass of water. Do not exceed consuming more than thee capsules per day and avoid taking this product later than 5pm as the metabolism-boosting properties may interfere with sleep.


For healthy adults there are no side effects of Mangodrin SF and this product is safe to take as directed. However, for people who fall into the following groups, it is recommended that they see their physician first to be cleared in taking this product.

  • Pregnant and Nursing Mothers;
  • Children Under the Age of 18;
  • Pre-Existing Health Condition;
  • Taking Prescription or Over the Counter Medication.

As advised in the directions, there are energy-boosting properties that can interfere with sleep if taken too late in the day. Furthermore, it is advised that you drink plenty of water to avoid the potential of dehydration which is present when taking any metabolism-boosting product. Furthermore, drinking additional water will help suppress the appetite.

Mangodrin SF Benefits

Research has shown that African Mango Mangodrin does boost the metabolism which in turn helps burn the fat from the body if used with a healthy diet and exercise program. This way, the effects of the MangodrinSF will be boosted because of the lower consumption of fats, carbs and sugars while the exercise program builds muscles and increases the cardiovascular rate to contribute to burning away the fat.

The appetite suppressant helps overcome one of the biggest issues with dieting and that is overeating. Overeating healthy food is not a good thing as the excess is often turned into fat. The appetite suppressant in this product is just powerful enough to curb the appetite to avoid overeating while still allowing for enough to be consumed that provides nutrients and energy for the body.

Finally, the antioxidants found in this product perform two functions. First, they strike down the free radicals in the body which causes premature aging. This means using Mangodrin Xtreme on a regular basis will help soften the skin, harden the nails and make the hair less brittle. You will see a more youthful glow about the face and body from the antioxidants found in this product.

Also, there is a detoxification effect when taking antioxidants that, when combined with drinking plenty of water, will help flush out the toxins and particles from the body that can greatly aid in dieting. With a clean platform to start your new diet program it will be that much more effective.

Final Analysis

Does Mangodrin SF really work? The answer is a very strong yes, especially when combined with eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. We found a lot of positive reviews, even a Dr. Oz Mangodrin videos. Most of the reviews proved us that truDERMA Mangodrin SF really works.

Exercise can be a very powerful addition when combined with Mangodrin SF because it also boosts the metabolism to burn more fat and builds muscles which helps reduce the fat content as well. We can highly recommend Mangodrin SF to help you lose weight by raising the metabolism and suppressing the appetite which prevents overeating and late-night snacking, often the biggest culprits in adding excess fat.

Where to Buy Mangodrin SF?

At the moment Mangodrin SF can be purchased only from the official website who are the leading suppliers of Mangodrin SF and a number of other popular diet pills and nowhere else. is a legitimate U.K. registered company with a “Trusted Shops® Seller Excellent” rating.  They take pride in providing a range of quality products made from highest quality natural ingredients, same day dispatch, worldwide delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee! accepts all major payment methods securely via SagePay secure checkout & Paypal checkout and is ISIS accredited which guarantees a secure, safe transaction and guaranteed order delivery!

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