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By on January 26, 2013

Leisas Meal Replacement Diet ShakeLeisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake – The idea of cutting back on meals is not a new one. Many diet programs often recommend a reduction of incoming calories by dropping a meal. However, the net effect is that the body’s metabolism slows down to compensate making it harder to lose weight.

There is a product designed to replace that missing meal with a healthy shake.

The Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake is designed to provide the nutrients and energy needed to keep the metabolism going strong as we strive to eat more normally and lose the excess fat.

Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake Ingredients

The Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake contains a number of ingredients that are designed to help you lose weight.

  • Calcium;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Chromium;
  • Folate;
  • Iron;
  • Lecithin;
  • Soy Protein Isolate;
  • Unulin;
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D & E;
  • Whey Protein.

Many of these ingredients are used in other diet products as well. It must be noted that this product is also 99% fat free. Chromium reduces the cravings for sugars and helps balance sugar levels in the bloodstream. Soy Protein Isolate has anti-cancer properties that work especially well in women. Unulin is a dietary fiber that helps the digestive process and also helps suppress the craving for more food.

Whey protein helps boost the immune system while feeding the muscles so they can become toned and recover from exercise. The vitamins and minerals help boost the body’s immune system, provide much needed energy and help with many of the functions of the body as well. The carbohydrates are an energy source that can be burned away effectively if a person exercises or is very active during this time.

Since this product is mixed with skim milk, it is important to note that the milk itself does provide a little fat and calories as well. However, skim milk is very low in fat and also provide much needed vitamins and nutrients.


Each Leasi’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake replaces a single meal per day. You can choose which meal, but for maximum effectiveness if you really want to drop the calories. Then you should replace both breakfast and dinner with a Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake and eat a normal lunch. This means that you should get maximum effectiveness with the shake program.

However, you should not replace all three meals with a Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake unless recommended by your doctor. For most people, replacing a single meal, usually dinner is enough to start a healthy weight loss program.


There are no side effects caused by replacing a meal with a Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake, therefore it is recommended for all healthy people that need to lose weight. However, nursing and pregnant mothers are recommended to not skimp on the calories at this time since their baby might suffer.

Anyone who is taking prescription medication or has a health issue is recommended to check with their physicians first before going on this diet program.

Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake Benefits

The shakes themselves provide plenty of vitamins, nutrients and energy to help you significantly reduce your caloric intake. One of the biggest reasons people gain weight is that they simply eat too much, even when it is healthy food. The body cannot process all the food eaten so it converts some of it to fat.

By replacing a meal with Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake, you can achieve a lower calorie count per day while still receiving the nutrients your body needs. The HCG Diet Meal Replacement Shakes and the Atkins Diet Meal Replacement Shakes are another alternative for you.

Final Analysis

The diet shake has been with us for many years. Replacing meals has been a historically proven theme in diet programs. The Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake is formulated with more nutrients and better proteins which helps augment weight loss so that people can actually lose more weight than before. We are confident that these are the Best Diet Meal Replacement Shakes.

We were impressed by the number of calories that were reduced on average by skipping a meal and replacing it with a Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake. The system itself is very simple to follow as all you need is skim milk to mix the product in, drink it down and you’re ready to go on with your day.

There are no side effects when using Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake and it is recommended for any healthy person who needs to lose extra weight that this proven process really works.

We can heartily recommend the Leisa’s Meal Replacement Diet Shake for anyone seeking to lose weight in a fast, safe manner. The shakes do come in four delicious flavors and they achieve the proper effect of dropping the calories while providing much needed nutrients for the body.

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