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By on February 4, 2013

KorexinKorexin Male Chest Fat Burner - One of them most embarrassing aspects of gaining excess fat on men is when it starts to build in the chest area. The addition of fat that layers itself on top of the pectoral muscles and the enlargement of breast tissues create a decidedly feminine appearance that is highly unappealing.

While diet and exercise can reduce the fat, in some men burning away the fat cells in the chest can be difficult to achieve.

This is where Korexin Male Chest Fat Burner steps in, promising to burn away the fat and flab that covers the chest area. Click here to see how can this product help you!

Plus, Korexin for men promises to also do the following:

  • Suppress the Appetite;
  • Improve your Overall Health;
  • Maintain or even Increase Lean Muscle tissue.

Can Korexin fulfill the promises it makes for the ability to burn fat? We’ll take a look at the ingredients and see the effects that Korexin produces for men who take this product.

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Korexin Ingredients

Essentially, Korexin is a blend of essential fatty acids that play a role in reducing the fat found in the body. While fatty acids and reduction of fat may seem counterintuitive, the use of fatty acids is quite common in the control of bad cholesterol by adding good cholesterol and increasing the health of the cardiovascular system.

The main ingredients of Korexin Male Chest Fat Burner include the following:

GLA is derived from the Omega-6 fatty acid also known as Linoleic acid. While many Americans consume Omega-6 fatty acids in large quantities because of their positive effect on the cardiovascular system, many people may still be deficient in GLA itself. The theory is that because these oils are hydrogenated, the process may stop the conversion of Omega-6 to GLA.

Korexin not only helps in the reduction of body fat, it also acts as an appetite suppressant by curbing the cravings for sugars and helping to retain lean muscle mass. Plus, there are plenty of antioxidants found in Korexin which can help curb the craving for carbohydrates as well.

As an aid to healthy, the fatty acids found in Korexin also enhance the function of the immune system, raise the metabolism, and even reduce fat in the body while at rest as well.

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Take a single softgel capsule in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening before dinner. Drink a full glass of water when taking the capsules. Do not take more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.


Korexin is safe for Men to take and has no side effects when used as directed. However, as with any product that is taken internally, a few groups of people may want to see their doctor first before taking the product.

  • Under the Age of 18;
  • Pre-Existing Health Condition;
  • Taking Prescription or Over the Counter Medication.

Men taking this product should consult with their physician if they are starting a new diet or exercise program to enhance the effects of the Korexin as well.

Korexin Male Chest Fat Burner Benefits

The health benefits of Korexin are obvious and well documented. Omega fatty acids have a very powerful, positive effect on the body in terms of promoting good health, protecting the cardiovascular system and the antioxidants present may even curb some types of cancer.

However, the effect that Korexin has on the fatty tissues, especially in the chest is quite remarkable. We can tell the same about Gynexin, too (don’t miss our Gynexin Review). The product actually boosts the production of prostaglandins in the body which in turn help build more muscle mass and burn away the fat cells.

This is especially true for the chest area which has larger, thicker muscle groups that what is found around the lower torso. This process effectively uses the body itself to burn away the fatty tissues, resulting in a leaner, more muscular look.

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Final Analysis

Korexin Male Chest Fat Burner is a natural cure for gynecomastia and truly lives up to its promises and promotes healthy fat burning which reduces the flab and unsightly fat around the chest area. The fact that is also is good for the body in general makes it a powerful daily supplement to promote good health.

We can highly recommend Korexin as a safe, effective product that targets the fat around the chest and helps the body to burn it away. Furthermore, the Omega fatty acids found in Korexin can help prevent serious medical conditions like heart attack and stroke when accompanied by eating a healthy diet and exercise.

Korexin is simply one of the better fat burning products on the market today.

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