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By on February 12, 2013

jes extenderJes Extender Penis Extender – There are a myriad of penile enhancement pills, capsules and devices on the market today. Some of them are high quality products while others are simply empty promises.

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Of the many penis extenders on the market today, the Jes Extender is one of the most highly praised and popular.

The Jes Extender is a mechanical device that uses traction to promote greater length and girth of the penis. Click here to see how can this product help you!

While pills can only have a marginal effect and surgery brings with it potential complications as well as great cost, the Jes Extender promises to be the happy medium of getting effective results at only a fraction of the cost.

What Does the Jes Extender Promise to Do?

The Jes Extender is a relatively small traction device that will gently pull the penis to greater lengths which will also extend the girth of the penis as well.

Jes Extender Review. The base of the Jes Extender is placed at the base of the penis. The head of the penis is wrapped by the tension arm of the extension device. At regular intervals, the Jes Extender is literally extended by a very short distance to add more tension to the penis. There is no jarring effect or sudden movement as the penis is gently pulled.

The result is that the cells inside the penis, the cells that form the blood chambers that dictate the size of an erection separate and divide, creating slightly greater length each time the device is used. Over time, the Jes Extender can add inch after inch to the penis which also adds additional girth as well.

The traction system that is used is similar in function to the building of muscle tissue. When you lift weights, the muscle tissues develop slight tears which are then repaired as the muscles rest, creating a slightly larger muscle. The same principle is used for the Jes Extender as it gently pulls the penis, causing the cells inside to stretch and then divide, creating a slightly longer structure.

The History of the Jes Extender

The history of the Jes Extender goes back almost 15 years when the device was first used as post-operational treatment for men who had surgery for a variety of reasons. It was quickly discovered during the testing of this device that it worked on all men. Healthy men could develop a thicker, longer penis that resulted in larger erections without surgery or pills.

The news spread very quickly about this device and the creator, Jes Bech Muller has sold more than a quarter-million around the world. Today, the Jes Extender is more popular than ever thanks to its proven abilities, sturdy construction and overall satisfaction among customers.

Jes Extender Scam? Not only does the Jes Extender work on healthy men, it can also cure what is known as Peyronie’s Disease which is a tissue disorder than can causes extreme curvature of the penis. This disease can cause discomfort as well as negatively affect sexual performance. The Jes Extender Comfort Strap has been medically proven to be a cure for this disease, helping thousand of men over nearly 15 years.

Does the Jes Extender Really Work?

Although the hype and promises of the Jes Extender may make it seem too good to be true, the truth is that this product does deliver what it promises – a safe, effective way to naturally extend the penis, providing more fullness and girth. There are no drugs, no side effects and it provides results in a relatively short time when used as directed.

The Jes Extender penis extender is created from high-quality materials that hold up over time. There are different Jes Extender Kits that are created from different metals to insure greater quality over time. Customers can order custom kits of the Jes Extender that are created from titanium, gold and even platinum for maximum quality.

However, those who are looking to save money can still get a high quality product when ordering the “Light” model, an introductory kit that comes with a one-year money back guarantee and is built to last a long time without breaking down or needing new parts.

The Jes Extender penis extender will not only improve the size and girth of the penis, it will also add more self confidence in the bedroom which many men have suffered from because of having a smaller penis. The Jes Extender provides for stronger erections that means an increase in the enjoyment and pleasure from sexual intercourse for men and their partners.

The simple traction device which was once only used for post-op patience is now a world-wide phenomenon. The Jes Extender truly works and provides a safe, powerful means of adding length and girth to the penis.

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