Gynexol Gynecomastia Male Chest Sculpting

By on February 1, 2013

GynexolGynexol Gynecomastia Male Chest Sculpting - For men who are afflicted with “man boobs” it is no laughing matter. While the effect to the health is relatively minimal, the effect to the self esteem can be far worse.

Plus, even consuming a low fat diet and engaging in exercise programs may not burn away all of the fat, especially that which is stored in the breast tissue itself.

Enter Gynexol, the chest sculpting cream that helps burn away the unwanted fat around the chest to reveal the underlying muscle tissue. Click here to see how can this product help you!

The ingredients in Gynexol Body Sculpting for men sink under the skin to work directly on the fat cells in the breast tissue, causing them to shrink and burn away.

The result is a smoother chest that shows off the muscle tissue underneath. By flattening the chest, the result is a more masculine look that can be achieved more quickly than some other products. Read more on our Ingredients page here!

What Does Gynexol Do?

Basically, this product is designed to go after the fatty tissues in the breast enlarge when men gain weight. Normally, the breast tissues are quite small and mostly unnoticeable, especially compared to the larger pectoral muscles that give men that masculine look.

The cream uses proven ingredients that sink through the skin and directly affect the breast tissues, causing a reduction of the fat cells which in turn reduce the size of the “man boobs”. For men, the result can not only be noticeable physically, but psychologically as well since it improves their own self image.

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Apply Gynexol liberally to the chest on the area where the fatty deposits lie. Furthermore, you should also include areas that support the breast tissue that are up towards the armpits. One to two applications per day is all that is needed.


Gynexol does not cause any side effects and is safe for use for all men. Because this product is a topical cream rather than an ingested product, there is less of a need for men to visit their physician when using this product.

However, for men who are combining Gynexol gynecomastia treatment cream with eating a low fat diet or exercise, then it is recommended that they see their doctor and inform them of your use of this product.

A few men might experience some skin discoloration or irritation when using this product, a result of an allergic reaction. Very few men have ever been documented with having a usually skin reaction to this product, but if it should occur, then stop using it immediately and the irritation or redness will fade.

Gynexol Benefits

Gynexol comes with the hefty promise of being able to reduce fatty tissue by using a topical cream product and the result is that it does work. The fat reducing properties of Gynexol are considerable enough to warrant a significant reduction of the fatty tissue in the breast region. When combining with Gynexin the results are more than fantastic! Gynexin Alpha Formula is one of the best male breast reduction pills.

Furthermore, when combined with diet and exercise, the effects of Gynexol are magnified because the increase in muscle mass will reduce the effects of “man boobs” and the male chest fat. In particular, the increase in pectoral using either resistance exercises or weights can combine quite effectively with this product to reduce the fat in the breast tissue.

Finally, the psychological component should not be overlooked. Men who have “man boobs” are self conscious about their looks and often shy away from situations where removing their shirts would be appropriate, especially outdoor activities. Gynexol body sculpting cream is safe and effective in not only reducing the fatty tissues of the breast, the result can be a more confident man who feels more comfortable about their body image.

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Final Analysis

Quite often, topical products that are supposed to address fat cells that lie underneath are the cause of skepticism to say the least. However, we were genuinely impressed by the overall effect of this product in how it directly addressed the breast tissues and reduced the size of the fat cells. Furthermore, the cream actually helped to shape the chest muscles to create a more masculine look in addition to reducing the size of the fat cells. Gynexol is a remarkable product that took us a little by surprise, but it has turned out to be quite effective in living up to its promises.

We can strongly recommend Gynexol because it is safe and works effectively in getting rid of “man boobs” over a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, this product literally helps to sculpt the tissues that remain to create a more masculine looking chest. When augmented by proper diet and exercise, Gynexol can accelerate the reshaping of the chest and create a look that will make any man proud.

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