Dermal Meds – Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Botox Alternative

By on February 6, 2013

Dermal MedsThere have been a number of products that promise to reduce wrinkles.

While there are many such products on the market today, one that has garnered some recent attention is the Dermal Meds Anti-Aging and Wrinkle cream.

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What is Dermal Meds?

Currently, this product is being marketing as a safe, effective solution to botox which millions of women have used over the years to reduce wrinkles in the forehead area.

Dermal Meds is an all-over face cream that is designed to nourish the skin to reduce wrinkles and reverse the damage caused by aging and the sun.

The first signs of skin aging begin in our 20s as the dead skin cells are not replaced quite as quickly.

At the same time, the elasticity of the skin is being compromised because the production of collagen is gradually being reduced. The results is the beginning of fine lines that turn into wrinkles, age spots develop and circles begin forming under the eyes.

Although many may feel that combating wrinkles after they form is a lost cause, Dermal Meds Anti-Aging and Wrinkle cream is designed to penetrate the skin to treat wrinkles at the source. By boosting the production of collagen and the elasticity of the skin, Dermal Meds helps to tighten and bring more firmness back that was once present in youth. Buy Today and Start Seeing Results!

How Does Dermal Meds Work?

The Dermal Meds Anti-Aging and Wrinkle cream promises younger looking skin in a mere 60 days. However, for maximum effect the manufacturer recommends the full 90 day treatment. Here is a breakdown of how the process works based on the manufacturer’s promise.

  • First 30 Days: The skin slowly absorbs the ingredients in Dermal Meds Skin Care and begins to hydrate the skin properly. While the wrinkles are still present, there will be a more noticeable glow that surrounds the skin as the ingredients of Dermal Meds are being absorbed.
  • Second 30 Days: At this point, the collagen and elastin levels have been boosted to the point where wrinkles begin to fade. The skin now fills out the spaces as it once did during in youth and the damage incurred over the years begins to reverse. For most people, the effects will be truly noticeable after the 60th day.
  • Final 30 Days: The skin will look and feel younger, the collagen and elastin levels will have maxed out and new skin cells will start appearing as dead skin cells are being sloughed off at a faster rate.

To keep up the process, it is recommended that Derma Meds botox replacement be applied each and every day to make up for what the body is lacking.

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There are a number of standard moisturizing ingredients in this product, but the one that stands out is Hyaluronic acid, a serum that is safe and clinically approved for use on the skin. This formula works to penetrate the skin and provide nutrients under the epidermal layers to the dermis and the source of wrinkles.

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Dermal Meds Benefits

Dermal Meds anti-aging and wrinkle has undergone clinical studies where the ingredients were put to the 90 day test that the manufacturers’ claim shows definitive improvement.

The results were rather astonishing as well over 80% of women who tried the product showed improvement in the firmness, appearance and elasticity of the skin. Plus, 82% showed a definite reduction of wrinkles as well, showing that Dermal Meds does have a positive effect.

Plus, the ingredients were found to be safe for virtually all types of skin. Also, the product is easy to use and will benefit women of all ages who show signs of premature aging.

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Final Analysis

There is little doubt that Dermal Meds anti-aging and wrinkle lives up to the promises. The reversal of skin aging and wrinkles over the 90 day period is quite remarkable. While there are some instances of scarring that Dermal Meds cannot address, what is true is that this product does rejuvenate the entire skin, lessening and even removing some wrinkles completely.

Does it work better than botox? Well, botox is quite powerful at removing wrinkles from the forehead area. However, botox is not recommended to be used on any part of the face as it deadens the nerves.

Most of the Dermal Meds skin care reviews we found online proved that Dermal Meds is safe to use on any part of the skin and does not affect the nerves, but instead provides much needed moisture and regenerates the body’s ability to produce collagen to promote better elasticity of the skin.

Dermal Meds comes highly recommended and for those looking at a safe, powerful botox alternative, Dermal Meds botox alternative creams are proving to be one of the best anti-aging skin care products on the market.

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