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By on December 25, 2012

an alternative to Adios Max Slimming Tablets

Important notice for our readers: we have received a word from the producer of Adios Max Slimming Tablets that they are no longer available! We are leaving this article online for our readers, however we will be redirecting the links to appropriate alternative called Raspberry Ketone Plus! We are very sorry for this, you can leave a comment on this page or contact us on if you require additional information!

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There are literally thousands of dietary supplements found on the market today.

One of the more interesting trends is the sequel or improvement to a particularly successful product to make it even more effective.

In the case of “Adios”, a highly successful weight loss product, it spawned a successor known as Adios Max.

The result is essentially a new weight loss product that has an amplified effect on the metabolism.

What is Adios Max?

Adios Max takes the promises of the original Adios and boost them to another level. Instead of simply augmenting the ingredients of its predecessor, Adios Diet Pills take the most effective ingredient, in this case Fucus, and increase the concentration levels while removing the other natural products that were found in the original.


Unlike its predecessor “Adios”, Adios Max is primarily focused around one ingredient, Fucus.

Fucus weight loss dry extract is derived from algae. This particular extract will help you lose weight by boosting the body’s metabolic process and thereby burning up more energy.

When used alongside a proper diet and exercise program, the energy burned is in the form of fat.

  • Calcium Hydrogen;
  • Lactose Monohydrate;
  • Magnesium Stearate;
  • Sodium Starch Glycollate;
  • Talc.

While found in smaller quantities, the other ingredients in Adios Max work to help boost the overall metabolism so that the body can process and burn the fat more readily.

Although Adios Max takes a different approach than it predecessor when it comes to ingredients, the results are still aimed in the same direction without the emphasis on digestion of the original.


Take one Adios Max tablet at mealtimes, three times a day. A person should not consume more than three Adios tablets during a single day.


Per manufacturer’s instructions, Adios Max is not to be taken if you have one of these conditions:

  • Under the age of 16;
  • Thyroid Disorder;
  • Allergic to any of the ingredients;
  • Pregnant or Nursing.

Also, you should check with your doctor if you are taking prescription medication as the active ingredients might create adverse reaction.

Adios Max Slimming Tablets Benefits

  • The main ingredient, Fucus does indeed boost the metabolism to help you burn the fat if you are on a low calorie diet. The diet is the key to really losing the weight because sticking to a lot of junk food will at best keep you at your current weight levels.
  • Furthermore, taking this product is very simply and it avoids one problem that many people have when starting a low calorie diet, namely that the body reacts by slowing down as well and trying to store more fat.
  • Adios Max helps to counter that by boosting the metabolism so that the body is forced to burn away the excess of fat in order to fuel itself.
  • Once you reach your desired weight, you should also have changed your diet patterns so that the food you eat do not put the weight back on that you lost with Adios Max.

Final Analysis

The original Adios product was launched in 2001 and has enjoyed spectacular results. It was probably too much to expect that Adios Max would match those results. But despite the odds, it certainly seems like this product is truly special indeed. Given the power of its weight loss potential, Adios Max is simply a fat burning dynamo.

For otherwise healthy people looking to burn away the excess pounds, Adios Max is really a powerful product that will work with a proper diet regimen.

Also, it is recommended that you follow a good exercise program as well, though it is not necessary to help you lose the weight. Good exercise performed on a regular basis will help keep the increases in the metabolism that Adios Plus has gained and augment your efforts at slimming and trimming your figure.

We recommend that you do drink plenty of water since boosting your metabolism also means that you can dehydrate more easily if you are not careful. Plus, drinking more water will help suppress your appetite and help keep you from overeating as well.

When it comes right down to it, Adios Max is certainly a powerful, highly effective weight loss supplement.

If you have tried other weight loss products before and have not seen the results you wanted, then we can certainly recommend Adios Max as the one product that will help break up the fat, increase your energy and put you on the right path to proper weight loss and gaining the look that you want.

Where to Buy Adios Max?

At the moment Adios Max can be purchased only from the Evolution Slimming official website who are the leading suppliers of Adios Max and a number of other popular diet pills and nowhere else.

Evolution Slimming is a legitimate U.K. registered company with a “Trusted Shops® Seller Excellent” rating.  They take pride in providing a range of quality products made from highest quality natural ingredients, same day dispatch, worldwide delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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